Boston to Budapest

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Today I went up to the town of Veresegyhaz where my great-uncle lives. After a huge lunch, he took me to the “bear park” for their annual end-of-summer party. The park started off as a sanctuary for retired circus bears and bears that they rescued from other abusive places, but today it functions as more of a zoo with other animals (wolves, ostriches, horribly obese raccoons, storks) as well. They had a small petting area with a blind bambi and a South American coati (Nasua nasua, family Procyonidae). The coati was really cool (especially compared to its obnoxious raccoon cousins) but it didn’t really like going near people - that is until it fell in love with my backpack and decided to climb all over me. He hung out for a while, then he bit me and ran away. It was fun. Hopefully I won’t get rabies. 

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